CS:GO tournament


COUNTER STRIKE GO Professional Tournament

Grand Final face-to-face between Kazu’s Store Bois and N00rg.

The face-to-face tournament will take place on May 6 and will have €7,500 in prizes.

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Saturday, May 6

  • 18:00 CS:GO Tournament - First Map
  • 19:00 CS:GO Tournament - Second Map
  • 20:00 CS:GO Tournament - Third Map
  • 21:00 CS:GO Tournament - Awards Ceremony


Kazu’s Store Bois





€ 5.000
€ 2.500

*The prizes shall be subject to the relevant tax withholdings in accordance with the current Legislation and, in turn, any indirect tax that, where appropriate, may be applicable shall be included in its amount.


Game Version: Counter Strike:Global Offensive


  • 7 players may be registered per team, with 5 main players and 2 los substitutes. The team Captain, who will be team spokesman with the organizers, must be appointed from among the 5 main players.

  • Once the competition begins, the players in the team CANNOT BE SUBSTITUTED. Should any team lose a player, it must continue playing the tournament with the substitutes. If at any time the team loses its substitutes and cannot dispute a match due to lack of players, it will be disqualified from the competition.

  • All the players are obliged to have all their data registered in the website by the end of the registration period (Name, ID card, SteamID, etc…). Should any player not have all his/her data registered by the deadline, the team shall be expelled from competition and the next team in reserve shall enter in its place.


  • The competition shall be played as simple bracket.
  • The entire BO1 competition shall be played except for semi-finals y finals, which in these cases shall be BO3.
  • Competition mode shall be 5 vs 5
  • All team captains shall avail of the SteamIDs of the participants on the Gamegune website by accessing the list of registered teams. The captains of each team shall be responsible for getting in touch with the rival team. Should s/he not be able to contact this, s/he must notify the organizers with sufficient time in advance of the match to get in touch with the pertinent payer or team.
  • All the players must be available over the competition discord server: https://discord.gg/4BQNkma
  • Bracket phases:
    • The tournament format is by double elimination (winners/losers) with the best winning in a match (Bo1), except for the finals: For Best of 5 (Bo5) matches, considering that the losers already have one defeat, this means that the winners must win 2 matches to win the tournament, whereas the losers must win 3.
    • 30 rounds per team shall be played (15 as Terrorist and 15 as Anti-terrorist). If a team wins 16 rounds, the game ends immediately.
    • In the event of a tie, 6 extra rounds shall be played until a winner is decided (3 as Terrorist and 3 as Anti-terrorist)
  • All players are obliged to save the game or demo so that the organizers may request and review it if necessary.
  • Time per round: 1 minute 45 seconds
  • Money at the start of the round: 800
  • Extra money on restarting the round: 10000
  • Official maps:
    • Cache
    • Nuke
    • Train
    • Mirage
    • Overpass
    • Inferno
    • Dust2
  • Map Veto shall be used to select the maps to play.
  • Map vetoing shall be started by the team with the best classification in the group phase. Should the teams be tied in points, the order of the classification table shall be respected. In the brackets phase, the team classified in the upper part of the bracket shall begin map selection.
  • Servers:
    • The team with the best classification or highest in the classification order shall determine the server to play the match.


The moment all the players are on the server and not later than 5 minutes before the match begins, these may report their problems with it for resolution before the match begins, provided the problem is not caused by the connection of any of the players. Once these 5 minutes have elapsed, reports will no longer be valid and the right to report such problems is lost.

Each player must use the nickname/alias s/he used to register in the tournament, with which his/her steamID must coincide.


  • Should a player be disconnected before the first death during the first round of the match, this will restart.
  • If a player is disconnected after the first death and does not return at the end of the round, the match will pause.
  • If a fallen player cannot reconnect 5 minutes after the match is paused, s/he may be substituted by one of the team substitutes.
  • If, 10 minutes after the match pauses, neither the fallen player nor any of the substitutes can play, the match shall be considered ended in favor of the other team.


In the event of problems impeding normal playing during the match, use of the pause shall be permitted with an announcement, giving the reasons for it. These pauses shall have a maximum duration of 8 minutes.

Each team shall avail of a maximum 3 tactical pauses per map lasting a maximum of 5 minutes, with 1 pause in case of Overtime, in which case this shall be 3 minutes.


  • In the event of a tie after 30 rounds, an extension of 6 rounds will be played with a maximum of $ 16,000 in money.
  • The teams will begin on the same band where they finished the previous round.


Weapons allowed in the knives phase

  • Knives
  • Decoy

Commands Allowed

All launch/play commands included are allowed, except:

  • mat_hdr_enabled
  • +mat_hdr_enabled 0/1
  • -mat_hdr_level 0/1/2
  • cl_showpos 1
  • cl_showfps 1
  • net_graph 0/1

Any commands found in the launching options that are not approved by an organizer shall be sanctioned with at least one warning.

Video Configurations Allowed

  • Brightness - Any
  • Digital Vibrance - Any
  • Contrast - Any
  • Image Sharpening - None
  • Gamma - Any
  • 3D Adjustments - Any
  • Game scale - Any
  • HZ USB - Any
  • Color Depth other than 16 bits

Any player not within these limits shall be sanctioned with at least one warning.

Any other graphic card configuration parameter may be changed provided this does not entail an advantage.

Accepted Options

  • Adjust crosshair (Adjust_crosshair)
  • Left-handed game (Left Hand) Default skins will be used.

The use of any map or game flaw (bugs or cheats) is punishable with at least one warning or by losing the match to the opponent after the organizers deliberate.

Factor gamma

Gamma factor may be changed in the graphic dashboard.

Values allowed in the Client:

  • net_graph 0
  • cl_showpos 0
  • cl_showfps 0 Default values that cannot be changed:
  • cl_winddir
  • cl_windspeed
  • cl_removedecals
  • cl_fastdetailsprites
  • cl_interp


  • Players may install and use any voice communications program: Ventrilo, Team Speak, Mumble, ...
  • The organizers assume no responsibility for its installation or its configuration.
  • You may be boosted by a teammate, except in places where the textures, walls, ceilings or surfaces are transparent or penetrable.
  • C4 must be placed in visible locations.
  • You may use a boost to place it.
  • Planting silent C4 is considered a game foul. Its practice entails a sanction of at least one warning.
  • You are allowed to lob grenades on any of the buildings all over the map, never below them.
  • If any bug occurs to the blinding flares, the match will be reviewed and the offender punished.
  • Any use of flare bugs will result in at least one warning.
  • In case of intentional use, the team shall be sanctioned with at least loss of the round and at most disqualification.
  • Customized open-code GUIs may be used, which may be subject to review.
  • No customized models or skins not belonging to the game may be used.
  • The use of customized map textures is not allowed.
  • The use of cheat programs is not allowed.
  • The use of map bugs is not allowed.
  • The use of a Sky Box shall be sanctioned by team disqualification.
  • FireBoosting is not allowed.
  • Map swimming or floating is not allowed.
  • Pixelwalking is not allowed.
  • 16-bit graphics may not be used.
  • The use of certain scripts (Jumpthrow, recoil, AWP, Center or turn view, lag, ...) is not allowed.
  • No unfair behavior of any sort is allowed.
  • The organizers may review dishonest practices or the use of these scripts.


  • Complaints, cheating accusations, protests, etc, about an encounter or a player who has not respected the rules shall be made solely by e-mail to admin@gamegune.org. No complaints received by other means shall be valid.
  • Valid evidence in accordance with the complaint or protest must be brought forward for the organizers to investigate (screenshots of chat misuse, match demos in case of cheat accusations, etc.)
  • This channel must be used responsibly and the team captain shall be the only one who can submit complaints. Protests from other players will not be considered. If this channel is used for the sole purpose of gaining an advantage, the organizers may take measures against the accusing team.

Información adicional

Estas son las bases genéricas del torneo; no obstante, la organización podrá realizar cambios en este reglamento para garantizar su buen funcionamiento y que este sea además lo más deportivo posible.

Ante cualquier duda, contactar con: admin@gamegune.org


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